The Art of Procrastination

PROCRASTINATION:  delay, hesitation, slowness, slackness

According to Freud, the ‘Pleasure Principle’ (Psychology) may be responsible for procrastination.  This principal is described as the psychoanalytic concept of people seeking pleasure and avoiding suffering (pain) in order to satisfy their biological and psychological needs.

Clients often state that they have thought long and hard about seeking financial advice.  When I ask them how long it has taken them to come to the decision, it is surprising to hear that some people have put it off for years.  Often they have made major decisions and come to us after the fact, causing a lot more drama when trying to create a financial plan, than it would have been had they seen us prior to making these decisions.

This is not to say that there is a set time in which you should get advice.  As far as we are concerned, there is always something to offer regardless of where you are at in life, however seeking professional financial advice is important in the years leading up to and transitioning into retirement or making investments.

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” – Lord Chesterfield

Our office discussions quite often circumnavigate around the ideas behind why people need advice but chose to put off seeking it.  Financial Planners can put in place a variety of measures to ensure that if you fell ill, were permanently injured, unable to make decisions for yourself or died, that you and your family would have control over your finances and the process to obtaining payouts or assistance was smooth.

You might not be aware, but your financial planner will take the hassle out of these things, all that is required is that you have an initial meeting with a financial planner to discuss your goals objectives concerns and current circumstances, from this meeting will be determined what level or type of advice is appropriate for you.

All the best.






For more information call Benchmark Consultants on 92932922 or email to arrange your first free initial appointment. 

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