Copy. Store. Retrieve.

What would you do if you couldn’t find your important information when you needed it?  If you couldn’t find a copy of your Last Will and Testament, Mortgage Papers, Insurance Documentation or Marriage Certificate?

Having access to copies of these forms of documentation can be essential at times, and if you work away from home, for example Fly In – Fly Out workers, finding this information can be a challenge.  Not to mention if your partner or spouse, or parents were suddenly incapacitated, would you be able to locate all necessary paperwork with a simple phone call?

Benchmark Consultants have the answer to this issue.  We offer our clients (Silver and above) the ability to scan and store copies of their documents on our system at no charge.

Document storage includes;

  • Wills,
  • Power of Attorney authorities,
  • birth certificates,
  • marriage certificates,
  • divorce certificates,
  • parents of partners death certificates,
  • TFN’s,
  • Tax assessments and past tax returns,
  • Passport
  • drivers licence photo ID,
  • investment
  • superannuation documents and statements,
  • insurances policies details and renewal notices.

(Note these are only COPIES of documents.  We will not store original documents.  It is the clients responsibiltiy to ensure the most recent copy of their documents is brought to the Benchmark Consultants office and scanned.  We take no responsibilty for ensuring copies stored are up to date)

Benchmark Consultants provide this service as a value added service to our clients.  We look forward to talking to you about how we can help to make your financial situation simpler.  Call Benchmark Consultants on 9293 2922 to arrange an appointment.


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Benchmark Consultants is a corporate representative #289570 of Australian Financial Services Ltd AFSL #297239 AFS ABN #50116900362. Peter Stewart, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional, and a member of the Association of Financial Advisors Ltd and Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd.


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